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The Talon House

Bodega Bay


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Bodega Bay

Chapter Sixteen

by Nick

"Tell me something," he said, the warmth of his breath radiating off the end of my nose as I listened to the rhythm of his heartbeat with my right ear, which was parked on his chest.

"What do you want me to tell you?" I asked softly, not sure how to reply.

"Anything," he said with a small shrug from underneath me. "Tell me something no one else knows about you."

I blushed deeply for a moment, contemplating my answer. I knew one thing no one else knew for sure, but I wasn't sure it was such a bright idea to share it with him. I knew that revealing my crush on Justin could change our relationship, and I didn't want that. So instead, I looked him in the eyes, and with a smile, I told Justin about my bus route.

I went all the way back to the very first time I had ridden a bus. I talked about how badly I wished I could have been the driver that day, and how ever since, I had always pretended to have my own bus route. I told him about my route in Modesto, and how he was my first passenger in Pittsburg.

"How cute," he chuckled as he brushed my bangs to the side. "I love it."

"What about you?" I asked. "Tell me something now."

"Well, okay," he said shyly. "But you have to promise not to tell."

"I promise," I said, excited to hear what he was going to tell me.

"Sometimes I still sleep with my mom and dad," he admitted apprehensively, looking at me as if he weren't too sure if I'd approved or not.

"That's it?" I asked. A little stunned that this was his big secret.

"Well, no one knows," he said quietly.

"I won't tell," I said. "Besides, sometimes I sleep with my dad when I have a nightmare. It's no big deal."

We had been up most of the night, laying on the couch and talking about our pasts. Justin told me about his old house in Pleasant Hill, which was just a town away, and his old elementary school. He talked fondly about his friends and I could tell he was pining for them.

I told him about El Vista, and how much I hated not living in Modesto anymore. We both decided that we hated Pittsburg, and that one day, we were going to head back to where we had come from. At some point, we both got needy for affection, and we wound up leaning on each other for support.

We had gotten comfortable on the couch, and the next thing I knew, I was laying on top of him, nestled in his embrace and listening to his body work. His warm chest was heaving up and down and his lungs sounded like a small motor to me, working in sync with the rest of his body. Our closeness that night wasn't born of sexual intimacy, though. Instead, it came from the affection we shared for each other as friends. Besides, I was sure Justin liked girls.

"Does anyone else know you're gay?" he asked me suddenly, and I wasn't too sure how to respond. I had quite honestly never stopped to think about the fact that the things I did could have been equated with being gay, and in the time I had been seeing Mark, no one had ever put it that way. It was almost a revelation to me.

"I don't think so," I answered, feeling a little insecure for the moment.

"You haven't come out to anyone else?" he asked inquisitively. I shook my head slowly and took a deep breath, trying to process the idea that I was gay.

I knew he was right. I was gay. I had a boyfriend and we were having sex. Gay sex. Still, even with all of the signs in front of my face, I hadn't put two and two together.

"Are you okay, Kevin?" he asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Yeah," I answered, nodding my head. "Do you think I'm weird?"

"Nuh uh," he answered casually, grinning at me. "What would make you think something like that?"

"I don't know," I answered quietly. "I guess I didn't know I was gay."

"You didn't?" he asked, sounding a little confused.

"No," I said, feeling foolish for my admission. "I guess when I think about, I am, but I didn't realize it."

"Well, it's okay," he said with a warm smile, obviously trying to cheer me up. "You're my best friend, Kevin. Nothing's ever going to change that. It's the same way for my brother and Mark."

"Does he ever talk about me?" I asked, resting my head back down on his chest and looking out across the quiet living room at the blank television screen.

"Not to me," he answered, his fingers running through my hair softy, causing me to look at him and smile. Then with a wink, he added, "I know he likes you a lot."

I blushed again and thought about my own feelings for Mark. He had come over every day when he was done with school, driving all the way from Pleasant Hill to be with me. Of course, there was something in it for the both of us.

I had become quite accustomed to being with him in the most intimate way I could. I felt an overwhelming desire to please him and to be obedient to him. Of course, he never took advantage of that, but I always figured he knew how I felt.

When we were in bed, I didn't have to tell him what to do. It was as if he knew the right places to touch me, and how long he needed to last when he was inside of me. He had our orgasms down to a science, making sure that we always came together at the end.

Of course, there was the space of time that happened between the beginning and the end. That was when he really shined; bringing me off at least twice before we came together. Sometimes it would happen more than twice, though.

The morning after I let him have me for the first time, I woke up before the sun was up and sighed contentedly when I realized I wasn't dreaming. I still had his hard on in my hand, and it was throbbing. I felt his hand on my butt, squeezing lightly while he slept, and I realized how horny I still felt.

I used my free hand to take his gripping hand and guide it gently into my crack, where I could feel his finger against my opening. I slid down his body a little and stoked his hardness, feeling it bump against my cheek as I moaned lightly. As I stroked him slowly, I felt his finger start to move around in my crack, so I looked back his way, and in the moonlight that silhouetted his body, I saw him lift his head up a little to see what I was doing.

I was feeling really hot, so I gave my bottom a wiggle to communicate my desires. His finger slid up into my hole with no problem, and as he fingered me, I finished sucking him off. I was hungry for him to present his offering of cum to me, so when I felt him tense up I sucked harder, running my tongue over the head of his hard c***. In no time, I got my reward, a flood of hot cum in my mouth, which I greedily swallowed as it shot out with force. When he was done, I sat up and licked my lips, his finger still buried deep inside of me.

I lay back down next to him and as he fingered me, our lips met and our tongues danced. I felt him slip his finger out, but just long enough to slide back into me, this time with two fingers that caused my own hard on to jerk on its own, shooting cum with each motion.

When I was done coming, we broke our kiss and I scooped up my load, which had landed on my stomach, and fed it to him. Then I took his hand and sucked his fingers dry as he rolled over on top of me. I responded by wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling him into me, feeling more passionate by the moment at the prospect of making love to my boyfriend again.

I felt him lift my legs, and as I waited patiently, he rolled a condom on. When he was done, he lined up to my entrance and gave a gentle push. I easily accepted all of him, too. I came again from the sensation of having him penetrate my butt, which was yearning for sex. As soon as I felt him inside of me, I lost control and spent myself again as my butt clenched tightly around the shaft that had invaded it.

I was just starting to recover from the orgasm that had shaken my body when he started to move back and forth inside of me, scraping my prostate and sending me into another flurry. I managed to hold on for a few moments, but in time, it proved fruitless. The pleasure that was growing inside of me was taking my mind and body over, and before I knew it, I was being swept away in a third orgasm that caused my legs to shake violently.

I never really had a chance to recover from that orgasm. He continued his thrusting and in mere moments, I was in the throws of another mind numbing climax that caused more cum to pour out of my untouched hard on. I used my fingers to scoop up the cum that had puddled on my stomach, the result of my multiple orgasms. I brought the first scoop to my mouth and slurped it up, then I brought a second scoop up and offered it to Mark, who looked like he was about to cum.

He took it into his mouth with a slurp, then he leaned down and kissed me, sliding his tongue into my mouth. That's when the last one hit me like a freight train. His thrusting got harder and his rigid member was scraping hard against my prostate, causing my butt to flex hard over and over again. I could feel the muscles in my butt grabbing the head of his hard on over and over again, and as my legs shook violently, I could hear the sounds of flatulence coming from my butt. I knew it was happening because of Mark's thrusting, and I paid it no mind as I shot another load at the same time I felt Mark fill the condom up.

I didn't want him to stop, but he pulled out and slid the condom off, tossing it into the garbage can next to the bed. I reached down and took his hard on in my hand and stroked it a little more, but it was going soft, so I gave up. He rolled over and laid next to me once more, wrapping his arm around me and kissing me.

"I love you babe," he said, making my heart flutter.

"I love you too," I answered, feeling out of breath and totally swept away.

When I got home from school that Monday I did my homework as fast as I could, then I hurried to Justin's to see Mark before his mom and dad got home from work. We had it down to a tee after that. As soon as I got home, I got to work on my homework, then it was straight to Justin's to see my boyfriend.

We always went straight to Justin's brother's room, and we always did the same thing. It was as if I had an addiction to the sex we were having. Afterward, we would lay still in each other's arms, kissing and whispering 'I love you's' in each other's ears.

"Do you like messing around with Mark?" Justin asked with a naughty smile on his face, making me grin again.

"Yeah," I answered softly. "He's good at everything."

"What kind of stuff do you do?" he pressed, grinning from ear to ear. I could tell he knew already, but we were having fun, and I decided to be a gossip.

"We do everything," I admitted.

"You mean you guys suck each other's dicks and stuff?" he asked excitedly. I nodded and smiled shyly, then I admitted something else.

"We go all the way," I said shyly, and I noticed his smile got bigger.

"Do you like it?" he asked, and again, I nodded, feeling bold all of the sudden.

"We do it every day," I said proudly, as I felt Justin's breathing get faster.

"Mark has a big dick, huh?" he said. "I've seen it lot's of times."

"It's pretty big," I said, a wave of confidence sweeping over me. "When did you see it?"

"Just whenever we changed in front of each other and stuff," he said nonchalantly. "I've known him my whole life."

"It feels really good when we do it," I confided in him. "I was kinda scared it was going to hurt, but it didn't."

"He puts it in your butt, huh?" he asked lowly, again displaying his naughty smile.

"Yeah," I said shyly.

"That's what he did to me," he said, and I thought I heard him wrong.

"What?" I asked, positive I had heard him wrong.

"When I was little," Justin said quietly, looking a little unsure. "He stuck his dick in my a** when we were playing in my room."

"Wait," I said, trying to catch up to what he was saying. "You and Mark f*****?"

"Not really dude," Justin said, looking a little sad. "He just got really excited and he made me lay down while he did it."

"How old were you?" I asked, not sure I liked what he was telling me.

"Six," Justin mumbled, and I could tell that he sensed my panic. "Don't tell anyone, Kevin. No one knows but you."

I laid still, looking at my best friend as he revealed his own deep dark secret, and suddenly, I felt sick to my stomach. None of it made sense to me, and I could hardly fathom it. It didn't sound like something Mark would do, but, looking Justin in the eye, I knew he was telling me the truth.

"s**t," was all I could say in disbelief as tears started to fill my best friend's eyes. I reached out and wiped the tears from his eyes as they started to fall, then I moved myself around, changing positions with him and wrapping my arms around him as he laid on top of me.

"Promise me, Kevin," he said through his tears. I caressed his face gently and looked him in the eye, then I gave him my word not to tell a soul.

"You didn't tell your brother?" I asked quietly as I stroked his curly brown locks, and without a word, he shook his head. "I won't say anything, I swear."

"You're my best friend, Kevin," he said tearfully, making my heart melt. "I've never had a friend of my own that I love like you."

"I love you too, Justin," I almost whispered. "I'll always be your friend,"

"Mark didn't mean anything by it," he said, sniffling a little and regaining control over his tears. "He just got excited, that's all."

"You forgave him?" I asked, and he nodded with a sad smile.

"I thought it was my fault," he said. "But Mark and I talked about it right before we moved, and he told me how sorry he was. He didn't really understand what he was doing."

"It's hurts, doesn't it?" I said, feeling able to relate to Justin on so many levels. He laid his head back down on my chest and nodded slowly as he hugged my body tightly.

"I had forgotten about it," he admitted. "It was like it never happened. But then, he brought it up. I think about it a lot."

"I'm sorry," I said, feeling a pain in my heart that I hadn't felt in a long time.

Every time someone learned the sordid details of what Billy had done to me, I felt a level of shame and emotional pain that I thought I had never felt in my life. But lying on Justin's couch with him in my arms, hearing him confess that he had suffered his own abuse, took me back. It made me realize that there was a higher level of agony and despair that came with being raped. I was reliving those feelings with my best friend, and the knowledge that he had to endure something so dark and scary infuriated me.

But who was to blame? I was sure that the answer was Mark. He forced himself on Justin in a moment of weakness. But maybe, just maybe, he was confused. I didn't know. What I did know was that Mark apologized. He took responsibility for his actions, at least to Justin.

My dilemma was my sudden anger at Mark. I loved him deeply, and I didn't want to break up with him. I also knew that Justin wanted me to stay quiet about it. Of course, that meant to Mark too, even if he hadn't said so. If I confronted him, it would make things awkward between him and Justin. It could also ruin things for the two of us.

Finally, I sighed and resigned myself to the fact that I had given Justin my word, and it was up to me to keep it. Even if it meant lying to my boyfriend.

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