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The Talon House

Bodega Bay


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Bodega Bay

Chapter Eighteen

by Nick

"Are you excited?" Justin asked, eliciting a smile and a happy nod from me.

"I can't wait," I said, feeling like I had just struck gold. "We're going to have so much fun. I haven't been camping in forever."

"I'm excited too," he said, scooting over so that our sides touched lightly. "I've never been camping in my life."

"Never?" I asked incredulously. "Wow. Wait and see, you're going to love it."

"Tell me what it's like," he said, turning onto his side and propping his head up on his hand.

"It's hard to describe," I said honestly. "We always have fun though. This is going to be the first time me and my dad have gone without them in a long time."

By 'them', I was referring to my stepmom and my stepbrother, who seemed like they were non-factors in my life at that point. I hadn't forgotten about them, but at the same time, I wasn't shedding any tears about their absence. I knew my dad was still traveling to Modesto to see them, but he made it clear to me that he was staying with me in Pittsburg. I never bothered to ask him how they were. I simply didn't care anymore. It was a selfish way to feel, I know, but I had been through so much in my life because my dad put them first, so I felt like I had a right to be a little self absorbed. There were times when I even gloated about the fact that my dad was with me and they were without him.

"What was it like the last time you went," Justin asked, scooting in even closer, resting his left arm on my stomach and using it as a pillow, making himself as comfortable as possible as he settled in for my tale.

I went on to tell him about the trip I took with my family the summer before to the ocean. We had gone in my dads RV, which was now parked out front of my grandparent's house and ready to go. The RV itself was huge, and had all of the amenities of home. There was a decent sized kitchenette and a big bedroom in the back with a massive King sized bed. There were other beds that folded out too, and a living room area that was spacious.

I was a little shocked when I got home from school one day and it was parked in the driveway. My dad had backed it in and was cleaning it out when I walked up. I went inside, excited to see it and wanting to take it camping.

"I'm two steps ahead of you buddy," he said when I asked him if we could take it somewhere. Of course I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I begged him to let me invite Justin and his brother, as well as Mark. He just shrugged and said it was fine.

I was a little disappointed that Mark couldn't go. He had to go see his dad for the weekend, and I knew that he wasn't very happy about that. He went once a month, and he made it sound like a prison sentence. He told me that his mom and dad had divorced when he was in Kindergarten, and that his dad remarried twice. His last marriage wasn't as bad as the first, he said, but he was still resentful. I was also shocked to learn that he had an older sister in college, as well as a little brother from his dad's current wife.

As I regaled the details of my last camping excursion to Justin, I noticed that his hand was lightly rubbing the surface of my shirtless belly. It seemed like he was transfixed with my tale but at the same time, he was consciously running his hand over my torso. I responded by reaching around with my left hand and running it over the small of his back, using my fingertips to trace invisible lines over his smooth, soft skin. I could feel myself starting to harden from arousal, but I didn't act on my feelings.

Justin was laying down in such a way that I couldn't sense if he was hard or not. He was enticing me, but I was trying my hardest to ignore the signals I was getting from him. The weekend before when we were at Mark's house we had taken a huge step in our relationship that made me feel confident in our friendship, yet at the same time, treacherous to my boyfriend.

"I don't think I'll ever be someone's boyfriend. No one likes me that way."

"Are you kidding?" I asked, feeling a little flushed. "I promise you that a lot of people feel that way about you."

"Like who?" he challenged me. "Name even one person."

Our faces were almost touching when I looked him in the eyes and rattled off the name of at least one person I knew of who liked him enough to want him for a boyfriend.

"Me," I said with a gulp, realizing I had just spilled my guts to him. He looked up at me and smiled sweetly, almost naughtily, and moved in, resting his head on my shoulder and nuzzling up to my neck.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes," I said with a whisper, confirming my feelings for him. "I like you a lot, Justin."

We sat silently in Mark's living room for at least a half hour, touching each other in the most sensual, intimate and yet innocent way we knew how. My lips were burning with desire, longing for just one kiss from my best friend, but I knew it wasn't meant to be. My boyfriend was upstairs, and as much as I wanted to go through with it, I knew it would be wrong.

I ran my hands up and down his back, laying flat on my back and spreading my legs open. He took his place between my legs, and I could feel his throbbing love pressing up against my crotch, but we were both fully dressed. I felt such a tremendous yearning in my heart to kiss him and make love to him that I was silently thanking the heavens that we were wearing pants. If he had so much as suggested that we get naked, I would have cheated on Mark on the couch in his own living room.

The sound of a flushing toilet upstairs prompted us to get up and walk around, as if that would somehow make a difference to someone who might have walked downstairs at that moment. There was so much emotion charging the air that it was obvious what we had been doing. I felt a guilty tinge in my cheeks as I smiled at him, then I turned and made my way back to Mark's room, where I dutifully gave myself to him again, this time out of guilt and not desire.

As I lay still with Justin in my own bed, though, there was nothing stopping us. I had a pair of tighty whities on and nothing else, and he was similarly scantily clad in his own white briefs. His hand had made it's way up from my belly to my chest, where he was playfully running his finger over my nipples and using three fingers to rub them in a circular motion while I let my hand travel further down his back side until it brushed the band of his underwear.

I went on, telling him about our day of fishing at the ocean and about how we caught a bunch of fish during that day and feasted on them at night. As I spoke, I let my hand travel a few more inches down until it rested on his right butt cheek, and I began to nonchalantly trace the outline of his crack with my fingertips. Moving my finger up and down his soft round cheeks, I looked deep into his eyes again and noticed that he had that same naughty grin on his face as he licked his moist, red lips and gazed back at me.

He scooted a little closer to me, turning his body a little so that his front was pressing into my side, and for the first time, I could tell that he was hard. I decided to ignore it, though, and proceeded to tell him about lighting a campfire and roasting marshmallows. He giggled a little when I told him a story about catching my marshmallow on fire and burning it to a crisp, then eating it anyway. As he chuckled, I shut my eyes for a moment and pretended that Justin was gay, and that we were together.

When I opened my eyes, Justin had moved forward a little bit and was now face to face with me, his nose barely brushing mine and his lips hovering dangerously close to mine. I took and deep breath and felt him roll his body on top of mine. I realized that he was lightly humping his crotch into mine and smiling at me, his translucent gaze holding me captive. I felt him dig a little harder with each push against my crotch, then he did it.

His breathing was getting stronger and his humps were becoming more forceful as he worked himself up into a sexually charged frenzy. I was there too, waiting to make his dreams come true. As badly as I knew he wanted to climax, I wanted to help his reach his climax even more so. I was sure he was ready to cum any moment, and I prepared myself to feel him soak us both at the crotch with his load. As I readied myself for his approaching climax, he did something peculiar that I hadn't imagined.......

He kissed me.

Not on the lips. Maybe he was trying to kiss me on the lips, but he wound up finding my chin. It would have been comical if I hadn't been so wrapped up in the moment. I instinctively raised my legs and wrapped them around his waist as he humped harder and as I felt his hardness poking me in the bottom, I closed my eyes and pretended that he was inside of me.

The moment he came was profound for a number of reasons. For one, blasted off like a rocket, and I could feel the force of his emission against the crack of my butt, through my underwear and his,. Second, as soon as I felt him shoot, I felt his hot gooey load leak out of his undies and all over my crotch. I reached down and rubbed most of it into my skin like lotion. What was left on my fingers was brought up to my nose, where I sniffed its intoxicating scent before I slurped it into my mouth and savored its taste before swallowing it.

Without asking, I kissed him on the cheek and returned his grin, my reward for making him blush. I pulled the covers back and we got underneath them and snuggled for the rest of the night until we drifted off into a restful slumber.


On the way home from our camping trip we stopped in Concord, of all places, for something to eat. The three of us picked Jack In The Box, and as we ate, I gazed out the window into the parking lot. I could have sworn I had seen Mark's car, but I knew that wasn't likely. I mean, I knew it was possible, just not likely.

When we finished our food, we Justin and I walked into the Albertson's grocery store that was in the same parking lot ahead of my dad, who decided that while we were there we'd buy a few things to season the fish we had brought home. We were going to deep-fry our catch, but we needed some Old Bay seasoning and Tempura for batter.

Inside the store, Justin and I grabbed a cart and I climbed onto the front while Justin pushed me around, racing up and down the aisles recklessly. We turned corners without regard to the other shoppers, earning us some dirty looks and rude comments that we ignored. Out of the blue, my dad was standing in front of us with a slightly irritated, yet amused look on his face. I hopped off of the cart and Justin let my dad take control as we followed behind him, playfully trying to kick each other's feet out from under and trying to trip one another.

"Why don't you two go grab about ten candy bars," my dad suggested, pointing to a sign that said candy bars were on sale for forty cents a piece. We raced off to the candy aisle and randomly grabbed a variety of candy, though I was mindful to get my dad a couple of Whatchamacallit's.

As we turned to leave the candy aisle, I saw him and my eyes lit up. As soon as he spotted me, his face lit up too.

"Kevin!" Steele almost shouted as he ran my way. "Mom, dad; it's Kevin!"

I looked up just in time to see Patricia and George walking my way with bright smiles, but the look on Justin's face struck me as odd. As they got closer, I realized what he was looking at. He was focusing on the figure pushing the cart behind George and Patricia who looked less than thrilled to be there.

"Justin?" George said curiously as soon as he spotted my friend.

"Mark?" I exclaimed, at the same time Patricia had wrapped her arms around me for a hug.

Suddenly, I saw George stiffen up, and his expression changed from happily curious to accusatory. I turned to see the figure he was taking issue with, and I couldn't believe he was looking at my dad.

"You," George said nastily as he addressed my father, who looked like he had seen a ghost.

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