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Since today is my birthday, I had an email from Jamie.

Happy Birthday Jan,

I'm sending you the Icarian of your choice, you'll just have to tell me who it is... if you've been a really good boy this past year, I'll send you 2!!!

Have a happy day and enjoy.


My response was this:

Thanks for the wishes. Hmm, the Icarian of my choice. Considering the type guy I am, Jamie and Nic, Miro and Philippe, Lance and Cody, Esteban and Bastian, and David are all out since they have someone.

Charles is out since it appears that he's lost his mate.

Definitely not Loran, or the Snake.

Renaud, due to his preference is off the list.

Had Damian lived, I'd say send him. He was in need of a lot of TLC.

You'll notice that the list doesn't include anyone from the past timeline who's not in the present timeline. I'm mainly looking at the present since they are the ones to have made it.

So based on that, send me Julius. We met him in the past and he made into the present.

If you could be with one Icarian, who would you choose?

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You left Charlie and Giovanni off of the not available list.

Unfortunately, everyone that I might have chosen is taken, so I'll just continue on my lonely way.

Take Care


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