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The Talon House

The Gladiators of Castle Rood

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With permission, I now present to you the Gladiator Duets.

Gahdar Prime: Niklas Agramos – Baron of Rood

* *Duet * * * Primi and Secundi

1. Duet Asp: Artimus and Aaron

2. Duet Badger: Altarrus and Agrippa

3. Duet Bear: Cassius and Commodus

4. Duet Chaos: Ovid and Orpheus

5. Duet Cobra: Arthur and Achilles

6. Duet Comet: Linus and Gault

7. Duet Dagger: Thor and Tristan

8. Duet Doom : Saturn and Foxx

9. Duet Dragon : Arturo and Edland

10. Duet Eagle: Apollo and Maxamallan

11. Duet Falcon: Cicero and Augustus

12. Duet Firestorm: Antonio and Simon

13. Duet Fox: Marainus and Mercury

14. Duet Ghost: Cato and West

15. Duet Griffin: Jupiter and Argus

16. Duet Hawk: Adam and Rinaldo

17. Duet Inferno: Leopold and Thomas

18. Duet Jackal: Adam and Enoch

19. Duet Leopard: Frado and Cletus

20. Duet Lightening: Paris and Henri

21. Duet Lion: Hercules and Mars

22. Duet Lizard: Miro and David

23. Duet Maelstrom: Benjamin and Cain

24. Duet Mayhem: Xercies and Xenon

25. Duet Meteor: Brutus and Marc

26. Duet Night: Larcinus and Gaius

27. Duet Panther: Sebastian and Sixtus

28. Duet Pegasus: Tiberius and Agrippa

29. Duet Phoenix: Prometheus and Hermes

30. Duet Poison: Pascal and Anton

31. Duet Ram: Virgil and Misha

32. Duet Raven: Marcus and Mathias

33. Duet Razor: Sasha and Cray

34. Duet Scorpion: Alexei and Edward

35. Duet Shadow: Vladimir and Andre

36. Duet Snake: Xanor and Gallant

37. Duet Spider: Yann and Yvan

38. Duet Stallion: Bartholomew and Steven

39. Duet Star: Basil and Louis

40. Duet Stinger: Gregory and Peter

41. Duet Storm: Julius and Jannus

42. Duet Talon: Gerom and Jan

43. Duet Terror: Zeno and Zechar

44. Duet Thunder: Hades and Ares

45. Duet Tiger: Januium and Fredrick

46. Duet Titan: Claudius and Rufus

47. Duet Vengeance: Ramses and Mica

48. Duet Viper: Gray and Nicoli

49. Duet Wasp: Ambrose and Leo

50. Duet Wind: Adonis and Ash

51. Duet Wolf: Francesco and Tanguy

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Very nice list, but it seems like it's coming late to the game. Very few of the Gladiator Duets, thus far, have been identified in the course of the story. Of course, it may be that more of them will be identified during the battle in Fire Block Canyon.

In thinking about it very little, only bits and pieces, have been told about the Gahdar. Why only 50 active duets? Surely there are more gladiators in training and are accomplished enough to make up more active duets.

Don't take that as a complaint or a negative reaction to the posting of the list, just curiosity raising it's head. I'm glad to see it.

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This list has been around and in my possession for few years. It's also considered one of the extras, like the map and the orbs.

Recently I got to thinking about the chapters that we've been introduced to various Duets. With the conclusion to Part 3, I asked Jamie about posting the list and he agreed with it. Some of them have been mentioned several time while some only once, and some not at all. At least now, we know who they all are.

Only Jamie knows if we will see more of them in the future.

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