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If you think you have an STD


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Contracting an STD can be a scary and humiliating experience. The most important thing to remember is to contact a doctor or go to a health clinic right away. The sooner you seek treatment, the smaller the risk that you’ll pass it on to someone else or make it worse for yourself.

If you notice anything unusual around your genitals or mouth, such as bumps, itching, discharge, pus, especially soon after engaging in unprotected sex, then there’s a good chance you have something. The sooner you get yourself checked out, the better off you and your partner(s) will be.

No Excuses

When it comes to getting real close with someone, communication is key. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to insist that you, or your partner wear a condom. The best time to discuss this is before you have sex – not during the heat of the moment!

Saying the wrong thing, or nothing at all, could cost you one very serious disease. So next time, be ready with these smart answers to the most common lame excuses!

Stop the Excuses

How To Use A Condom

Using a condom is simple – BUT incorrect usage can lead to condom slippage or breakage...

STDs 101

The Nasty World of STDs - STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease ...

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