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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs


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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

BOGOTA, Columbia (Wireless Flash) -- After telling jokes for 65 hours straight, a Colombian comic has set a new world record. According to the "Prensa" newspaper, Jose Ordonez told 9000 jokes during his marathon yuk-fest on a Bogota radio station.

MILAN, Italy -- Italian fireman recently had to rescue a man who got stuck in a tree because he thinks he is a cat. The 46-year-old spent more than an hour meowing from the top of a tree before spectators called in help. The Tgcom.it news website reports a fireman finally carried the cat man down a ladder to safety, and the man is now under observation in a psychiatric hospital.

SEOUL -- The South Korean government has scrapped plans to replace the English word for "condom" with a Korean one after receiving numerous complaints from people with similar sounding characters in their names. The suggested new word for condom "ae-pil" -- derived from the Chinese characters for love and necessity -- was picked from 19,000 suggestions sent in by the public. A government spokesman tells AP, "An old lady called to complain, saying she was worried about her grandson being teased due to his name being "condom.""

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