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Politics Goes to Dogs in Wash. State Town


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Politics Goes to Dogs in Wash. State Town

By The Associated Press

July 21, 2004, 8:59 AM EDT

RIDGEFIELD, Wash. -- As this Columbia River town searches for a new city manager, one candidate appears to have two legs up over the others. Signs have popped up all over the city in support of Otis, an 11-year-old Boston terrier.

Donna Quall was one of the first to put an "OTIS FOR CITY MANAGER" sign up in the window of her gift shop earlier this month.

"A doggone improvement," the sign declares.

No one's saying who made the fliers, complete with a profile shot of Otis and a disclaimer that the signs were paid for by the "he will do better than the last guy committee."

Ridgefield's former city manager, Randy Bombardier, was placed on administrative leave in March, then fired after being accused of removing lead-based paint from City Hall without public safety or environmental precautions.

In June, the state attorney general's office charged Bombardier with official misconduct, which carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Bombardier has said he did nothing wrong and that City Council members knew more about the paint than he did.

The city advertised the job shortly after firing Bombardier, and 36 people applied, but the council decided to put the search on hold until sometime next year.

Copyright © 2004, The Associated Press


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