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Woman Accused of Stealing Gavel From Judge


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Woman Accused of Stealing Gavel From Judge

By Associated Press

January 6, 2005, 4:59 PM EST

FARMINGTON, Mo. -- An woman is accused of stealing the gavel from the judge overseeing her case. Tammy Lynn Price, 28, was charged Tuesday with misdemeanor stealing for an incident that happened in October. Authorities gave this account:

Associate Circuit Judge Thomas Ray was beginning his day when he noticed several items missing -- pens, a calculator, an executive calendar -- and a wooden gavel handed down from his grandmother.

Ray recalled seeing the items and the end of the previous day's docket. He told investigators that when he left the courtroom, the only people present were a public defender and Price, who was in court facing a drug charge.

Price denied involvement in the thefts, but a male friend told police that Price put the items in her purse and also took cleaning supplies. Authorities said a friend of Price later turned in the stolen goods.

Ray said his grandmother had used the gavel while serving as grand matron of the Order of the Eastern Star.

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Information from: Park Hills Daily Journal, http://mydjconnection.com/


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