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Utah Man Selling Naming Right on EBay


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Utah Man Selling Naming Right on EBay

By Associated Press

April 4, 2005

UINTAH HIGHLANDS, Utah -- Matthew Jean Rouse doesn't like his middle name and he's letting you pick a new one. The 31-year-old father of two is selling the naming right on eBay.

The "Buy It Now" price is $8,000. As of early Monday, there had been a total of 30 bids, with the high bid $2,175.

The winning bidder gets to choose a new middle name for Rouse, a software engineer.

Rouse also agrees to use his middle name "whenever plausible and not hide it."

"If he wants to walk around with 'Fool' as his middle name, that's his problem," said Rouse's wife, Corinna Rouse. "If someone changes his name to 'Poophead,' he may decide it's a little more important than he thought."

Rouse's middle name was taken from his late grandfather, Jean Stelter, with whom he didn't get along.

His older brother, Bill Rouse, 46, of Mesa, Ariz., bid $1,500 for the name. "Basically, he's trying to dump our grandfather's name, and I'm trying to buy it and make it stay as it is," Bill Rouse said.

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