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Man found cop in his bath


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Man found cop in his bath

A police officer has been arrested in Japan for breaking into a neighbour's house and getting into the bath.

The neighbour, 53, called police after finding a 'strange man' in the bath of his home in Nara, reports Mainichi Shimbun.

When police arrived, they found a young man soaking in the bath and immediately arrested him for trespassing.

The man was a 21-year-old officer from a local police station who lived nearby.

The officer was reportedly drunk at the time, and was unable to stand straight.

His home was about 50 meters away from the home of the resident, and when questioned by police he said he didn't realise he was in the wrong house.

"I thought it was my house," investigators quoted him as saying.

A police spokesman said: "While this was something caused by alcohol, it's truly regrettable. We want to be more thorough in our instruction of members."


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