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Hefty trio down 12 1/2-pound hamburger


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Hefty trio down 12 1/2-pound hamburger

By Associated Press

May 10, 2005

UNION TOWNSHIP, N.J. -- The Clinton Station Diner's 12 1/2-pound "Zeus" burger met its match Monday in the person of 345-pound "Gentleman Joe" Menchetti and two slightly less hefty friends. The trio managed to devour the monster meat patty plus 2 1/2-pound bun and 3 pounds of fixings in one hour, 11 minutes and 52 seconds.

Their Herculean effort bested five other teams that had come to take part in an event billed as America's Biggest Burger Eating Competition.

All for a good cause. Proceeds from the event -- at least $500 -- are being donated to Operation Shoebox New Jersey 2005, a volunteer effort to ship such items as candy, toilet paper and other personal items to the troops in Iraq.

Diner owner Michael Zambas staged the event to celebrate the diner's one-year anniversary. He was also donating 15 percent of the Monday night dinner receipts to Operation Shoebox.

Manchetti's teammates on the Tri-State Titans included Dominick "The Doginator" Cardo, 46, a competitive eater is from Bartonsville, Pa., who weighs 325 pounds, and Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman of Oceanside, N.Y., the lightweight at 240 pounds. He is president of the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters.

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