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Man 'drunk drove' horse


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Man 'drunk drove' horse

A man has been arrested in Kentucky for 'driving' a horse under the influence of alcohol.

Millard Dywer, from Pulaski County, was pulled up as he tried to steer his horse Prince around a street corner in front of an off-duty cop.

Dwyer, 42, admitted to downing a 12 pack of beer and was three times over the legal limit.

He was charged with driving under the influence (DUI).

Dwyer says he will fight the charge but Kentucky state law classes a horse as vehicle, reports WKYT, Kentucky Television.

"If they can charge you with something for being on an animal like that it shouldn't be DUI. Because a horse has a mind of its own," Dwyer told the TV station.

His court date has been set for May 23 where he faces a fine of up to £55 plus costs.


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