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Famous Last Words


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Famous Last Words

His gun ain't loaded

These bears don't bite

Pneumonia can't kill you

It doesn't taste poisoned to me

I don't believe in spontaneous combustion

I can swim just fine

I can dodge a bullet

This isn't a live wire

THAT'S the electric rail

I can't smell anything burning

I can't hear anything ticking

No one is out to get me!

He's bluffing

These are edible mushrooms

Let me drive, I'm not drunk

The light is green!

So what if I don't have a condom?

I can handle a gun

This isn't a real grenade

I can get past the security guards

This magic rock will protect me

I can't be bothered to go back and get my helmet

He can't hit an elephant at two feet

That's a blunt knife he's got

This is not a mine field

That's not an active volcano

This H isn't cut with rat poison

The rope won't snap

This bridge is pretty strong

Cobras don't attack humans

So what if it's midnight and I'm in the dodgy neighborhood?

His death threat wasn't serious

Don't worry, plane crashes are very rare

This city hasn't seen an earthquake for 100 years

This gas is perfectly breathable

He won't find us in bed together

This ice is thick enough to walk on

There aren't any sharks

You're just paranoid

There's no death penalty in this country

It's a small risk

Look, Luigi, I can pay you on Wednesday

My parachute won't open!

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