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August Marks Catfish Month


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August Marks Catfish Month

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (Wireless Flash) -- Politicians aren't the only bottom feeders making a play for attention right now -- it's National Catfish Month.

The catfish-oriented celebration is being celebrated by the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which is hoping to inspire Americans to eat lots of farm-raised freshwater catfish over the next four weeks.

Catfish Month is a big hook for the Aquarium, which has what spokeswoman Kathie Scobee Fulgham says is believed to be the largest blue catfish on exhibit -- at 100 pounds.

In addition, the aquarium be putting a flathead catfish which weighs a whopping 87 pounds on exhibit tomorrow (Aug. 3).

Other fishy facts to get you hooked on catfish....

-- The Southern American candiru is both a parasite and a catfish and is known to swim up the urethras of bathers and swimmers when they urinate in the water.

-- The electric catfish of Africa is capable of generating up to 350 volts.

-- Catfish may be tasty, but catfish have 27,000 tastebuds of their own.

-- Finally, the south is known for tall tales of catfish that are the size of Volkswagens.


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