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'Robber' left job application


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'Robber' left job application

A Las Vegas man has been charged with robbing a pizza parlour after he allegedly left a job application at the scene.

The partially completed form included the 23-year-old's name and his address in the city, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

"I would chalk it up to either inexperience or plain stupidity," said Clark County prosecutor Frank Coumou.

According to authorities, the robbery happened after the man entered the restaurant, ordered a pizza and asked for a job application.

"The cashier immediately gave him a job application and a pen, so he started filling it out," Coumou said.

"Then, when he thought the moment was right, he lifts his shirt, exposes the butt of a firearm, and he tells her to give him all the money."

The clerk handed over $200, and the robber left. A witness followed the gunman and took down the car's registration.

Police then traced the number and found the suspect at his home, where he was arrested. He denies he was the robber.

When police went back to the pizza parlour, they found the partially filled out job application at the counter.


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