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Man Swallows Key, Locksmith Uses X-Ray Fri Jun 24,


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Man Swallows Key, Locksmith Uses X-Ray Fri Jun 24,10:36 PM ET

Arthur Richardson thought he'd pull a prank and pretend to swallow a friend's truck key. Unfortunately, Wednesday's prank backfired when Richardson plopped the key in his mouth and gravity took over.

Richardson went to a doctor Thursday, who X-rayed his stomach and got a clear picture of the key. The doctor said the key posed no danger, but Richardson's friend needed to use his truck.

So Richardson and his friend took the X-rays to a locksmith, who used the pictures to fashion a new key. And it worked in the truck.

John Somers, owner of Al's Lock and Safe, said he'd never made a key before from the image of an X-ray.

"I have done all sorts of lock work, I've done all sorts of safe work," Somers said. "This is truly a first in my career."

Somers said he didn't have any immediate plans to set price rates for X-ray keys, but it's something he might consider.

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