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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs


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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

ST. PAUL, Minn. (Wireless Flash) -- Ask and ye shall receive: A Lutheran pastor in St. Paul, Minnesota, who asked his flock to redeem themselves for stealing by dropping their pilfered merchandise off at his church ended up with several bins of stolen goods. Among the items: men's shirts, hotel towels, bubble gum and a CD stolen from the church. The "Pioneer Press" reports Pastor Derek Rust turned something in too: Gardening equipment which he'd borrowed from a friend and never returned.

ARNSBERG, Germany -- Germans are now allowed to stick their tongues out in their passport photos. A 30-year-old man from Arnsberg brought about the new court ruling when he appealed a local passport office's decision to turn down his passport photo because he had his tongue sticking out. The court found there was no rule in German prohibiting the man from doing so, but made him sign a statement that he wouldn't take the issue to court again if he had problems with border patrol officers.

LONDON -- A drug-sniffing dog in England has died of an apparent overdose say authorities. The seven-year-old Springer Spaniel named Todd was out patrolling for drugs in a field when he became ill and was rushed to the vet, where he died from ingesting amphetamines.

MIAMI -- An American man wearing a controversial t-shirt recently learned that nudity doesn't fly when flying the friendly skies. The man and his girlfriend were both thrown off an American Airlines flight from Costa Rica to Miami because his t-shirt depicted a woman with bare breasts. According to his girlfriend, "The flight attendant basically walked up to us and yelled, `You have to take off that shirt right now.'" He refused, so the flight crew prevented the couple from boarding the flight and gave them a refund.


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