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New Bar Name


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A man was walking down the street one day and

noticed a new bar. So the man decided to stop in.

When the man walked in, the bar tender announced

that the person who comes up with the best name

for the bar gets a free drink.

The man went up to the bar tender and said "I have

an idea, why don't you name your bar after the

first name of the next woman who walks in and put

"Legs" after it."

The bar tender said "good idea!"

So when the next women came in, the man walked up

to her and asked her her first name. The woman

told him her name was Mary.

So the man returned to the bar tender and said

"your new name for your bar is Mary's legs!"

The bartender said, "great, come back tomorrow at

11:00 when we open to get your free drink."

So the man left and came back the next day at

10:50. As he was waiting for the bar to open, a

man passes him on the sidewalk and asked,

"Sir what are you doing?" The man said "I'm

waiting for Mary's legs to open so I can get a

free drink."

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