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Gay Aussies Protest For Marriage Rights


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Gay Aussies Protest For Marriage Rights

by Peter Hacker 365Gay.com Sydney, Australia Bureau

Posted: August 4, 2005 8:00 pm ET

(Sydney, Australia) Australian gay activists have called a "National Day Of Action" to demonstrate against the country's ban on same-sex marriage.

Australian Marriage Equity says it will hold protests and rallies throughout Australia on Saturday, August 13.

The event coincides with the first anniversary of the Marriage Amendment Act 2004 which banned the recognition of overseas same-sex marriages and defined marriage in Australia as between one woman and one man.

“Our families contribute to the nation like every other family yet they are still being denied the right to marry or the ability form federal de facto relationships” said AME National Convenor Luke Gahan.

A recent survey of the Victorian Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender community reported that 98% participants wanted some form of legal recognition to be available for same sex couples, with 80% nominating marriage as the preferred status.

“The call for same-sex marriage in Australia is growing every day and has spilled over into the wider community who no longer believe it to be fair or decent to out law same-sex marriage” said Gahan.

Same-sex marriage is legal in The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, and the state of Massachusetts.

Even though it will not be legal in Australia Gahan will marry his fiancé Matthew Culleton on in September in Vancouver.

Gahan said he and Culleton will live in Canada legally married for one year adding that when they return home they hope the law is changed.

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