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Chinese University To Offer Gay Studies


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Chinese University To Offer Gay Studies

by Peter Hacker 365Gay.com Asia Bureau Chief

Posted: August 16, 2005 11:00 am ET

(Beijing) Fudan University in Shanghai will begin offering a course leading to a minor in LGBT studies this fall. The optional course for undergraduates will focus on health, social and political issues facing gays and lesbians in China.

The program, to start in September, is the first time any university in China has offered such a course, and is believed to be the first LGBT field of study anywhere in Asia.

It will be chaired by Sun Zhongxin, an associate professor of sociology at the university. A graduate level seminar he offered on gay issues in 2003 proved to be a huge success, and the new undergraduate program grew out of that.

"We hope this course, which is an optional one open to the whole university, will introduce the study of sexual orientation to more and more students," Sun told the China Daily newspaper.

He added that teachers for the program will be brought in from other schools throughout world because there currently are too few specialists in the area in China.

About 100 students were expected to enroll for the course but Sun told the paper that so far ten times that number have singed up.

One student at Fudan said the class is a hot topic of conversation on campus.

"I do not have to attend that course for credit hours because I've got enough, but if I have time I will go there to learn some new knowledge," Jiang Liming told the China Daily.

The course is being sponsored Hong Kong-based Chi Heng Foundation. The organization specializes in AIDS and its impact on society.

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