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Library Launches Rent-A-Gay


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Library Launches Rent-A-Gay

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

Posted: August 17, 2005 11:00 am ET

(Malmoe, Sweden) A library in a small community in southern Sweden has started a novel program to promote diversity and break down stereotypes.

In addition of borrowing books on different cultures the Malmoe Library is now offering people.

The living library project is called ‘Borrow a Bias’. It allows townsfolk to borrow any of nine different minority people. Borrowers have 45 minutes to confront the prejudices in the library’s outdoor cafe.

“You sometimes hear people’s prejudices and you realize that they are just uninformed,” said Ulla Brohed, the chief librarian and the person who conceived the idea.

The group includes a lesbian, a gay, an imam, a Muslim woman, a journalist, an animal rights advocate, a Dane, and a Romany or Gypsy and one other to announced later.

Although Sweden has civil rights protections for gays and recognizes same-sex couples with partner rights many Swedes, especially in smaller communities, have little knowledge of gay issues including the desire to marry and adopt children.

“It’s a fun idea. Prejudice is something you have when you don’t know each other. If you confront each other, then the prejudice is broken down,” said Lilian Simonsen, the Dane who will be on loan.

A similar project is already underway in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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