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The Fastest Animal on Earth


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The Fastest Animal on Earth

There was this drunk guy who really needed to take a wicked dump, but couldn't find an available restroom.

So he finds an empty alley, and does his thing. Just as he finishes, he notices a policeman approaching him.

To quickly hide his deed, the drunk throws his hat over the mess.

The policeman asks, "What do you have there young man".

The drunk quickly replies, under this hat is the fastest living animal on earth.

"Really", says the cop? "I would like to see that. So on the count of three, you lift up your hat and I'll jump on it".

1...... 2...... 3.......

The drunk lifts up his hat, and the policeman jumps right down on it.

"Did you get it, did you get it" the drunk screams?

"Nope" says the cop, "But I scared the living crap out of it"!

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