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Schwarzenegger Vetoes Gay Campaign Bill


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Schwarzenegger Vetoes Gay Campaign Bill

by The Associated Press

Posted: September 7, 2005 7:00 pm ET

(Sacramento, California) Without mentioning last nights landmark passage of same-sex marriage legislation in the Assembly Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed a bill that would have banned the use of any negative appeal based on prejudice against gay and lesbian people by candidates or campaign committees.

Even though the Code of Fair Campaign Practices would have been voluntary, LGBT groups hailed it as a means of ending campaign gay bashing. (story)

Schwarzenegger said he was vetoing it because there would be no way to enforce the measure.

The governor also vetoed a bill that would require people who are paid to gather signatures to put measures on the ballot to wear badges saying they are being paid.

Three groups are currently gather signatures to put proposed amendments to the state constitution on the ballot to ban same-sex marriage and are using paid workers.

Both vetoes came as LGBT rights groups and foes of gay marriage were beginning a massive lobbying effort over the marriage bill that passed the Assembly last night.

As 365Gay.com reported at 10:30 ET Tuesday night, the measure was passed by one vote. (story)

In a terse press statement Schwarzenegger's spokesperson Margita Thompson said that the governor supports the state's domestic partner law but believes the issue of marriage should be left to the courts or voters.

On Wednesday Schwarzenegger refused to answer reporters' questions on the gay marriage legislation when he spoke to the media at a Salvation Army warehouse.

The Governor has until Oct. 9 to sign, veto or let the bill take effect.

Wednesday the state's largest LGBT rights group, Equality California sent out an urgent message to its supporters to email or call Schwarzenegger's office to voice their support for the legislation.

Opponents of gay marriage were also busy mustering support to have the bill vetoed, and a Republican Party strategist said it would be political suicide for Schwarzenegger to sign it.

"If the governor were to sign the legislation, the support would collapse among his base," Kevin Spillane told the AP. "It would negatively affect turnout for the special election, as well as badly damage his expected re-election campaign."

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