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Mother 'runs over new daughter-in-law on way to ho


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Mother 'runs over new daughter-in-law on way to honeymoon'

An Illinois woman reportedly ran over her new daughter-in-law when she was on her way to her honeymoon.

Courier News Online says family and friends celebrated the marriage of Steve and Kim Stillwell in Sheridan outside Chicago last Saturday.

But on Sunday the bride was rushed to the local hospital with torn muscles and internal bleeding after being run over by her mother-in-law Georgia. She was only allowed home on Wednesday.

The incident allegedly happened after the newlyweds went to pick up their children from Georgia's house before heading off on honeymoon.

Steve Stillwell started having an argument with his mother, who then drove off with a child's car seat still in her car.

Kim gave chase gave chase, caught up with Georgia, they talked, and, according to Sandwich Police Chief Rick Olson, Georgia then drove away as Kim was leaning through the window.

She was dragged behind the car for 25 yards.

Kim says she is angry that no charges have been filed against her mother-in-law.

Although Olson promises there will be charges connected to the incident, the state attorney says there is not enough evidence to convict Georgia of a felony.

For her part, Georgia insists it was an accident, as she would never harm the mother of her grandchildren.

She said: "Even when the cops arrested me, I kept asking how she was doing. They're making me sound like I did it on purpose. It was an accident."


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