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There was a guy named Herbert who had been working late and wanted to get a guard dog for his wife. He went to a pet store and asked the salesman for a doberman. "If it's a guard dog you're looking for, I've got just the thing for you," The salesman said. He went to the back and returned with a small poodle.

"That thing? A guard dog? No way!" Herbert said.

"This dog is special," The salesman said. "He knows karate!"

"Karate? No way!" Herbert replied.

The salesman pointed to a sign. "Karate the sign." The dog ran over to the sign and ripped it to shreds. "Karate the chair." The poodle ran over to the chair and tore it to pieces.

"I'll take him!" Herbert said. He took the poodle home and showed it to his wife.

"This thing? A guard dog. You've got to be kidding!" She said.

"This dog knows karate," Herbert said.

"Karate?" His wife shouted. "Karate my a**!"

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