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Couple celebrate with 50-year-old tinned chicken


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Couple celebrate with 50-year-old tinned chicken

A Manchester couple celebrated 50 years of marriage by eating a tin of chicken they were given on their wedding day.

Les and Beryl Lailey had kept the can, part of a wedding gift hamper, as a memento of their big day in 1956, says the Mirror.

Les vowed not to eat it until their golden wedding anniversary, so whenever they moved home the Buxted chicken went with them.

And when they finally reached the milestone grandad Les, 73, opened the tin - and found the chicken was good as new.

He said: "I had it with some potatoes and veg and it went down a treat. I knew it would be fine. I've not felt funny at all."

Prof Eunice Taylor, a Salford University food safety expert, said: "It can last indefinitely if it has been sealed properly."


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