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Two More Killings Leave Dallas Gays Nervous


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Two More Killings Leave Dallas Gays Nervous

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

March 9, 2006 - 12:01 am ET

(Dallas, Texas) The murders of two gay men in the past week has left the city's gay community concerned about safety. In the past two years at least eight other gay men have been slain with only two arrests.

Police say there is nothing to indicate there are any similarities in the killings - except that the victims are all gay and there were no apparent signs of break-in at any of the murder scenes.

On Monday the body of Frank Gonzales, 43, found in his apartment after friends who had not seen him in several days became concerned and called police.

An autopsy showed that he had been stabbed and possibly strangled.

Two days earlier police found the body of Gary Hashaway, also 43, in his apartment. Investigators said that police were dispatched following a person placed a 911 call and then the phone was hung up.

Hashaway also had been strangled.

The latest murders bring to 10 the number of gay men killed in Dallas since 2004.

In January police arrested a man with the killing of a gay man on October 11, 2005. The body of 28-year-old Samuel Jarnigan Lea discovered Oct. 31 inside his apartment near the University of Texas campus. An autopsy showed that Lea had been strangled to death.

Kyle Nathan Johnson is charged with murder in Jarnigan's death.

Last December Ray Martinez, 31, was charged with the capital murder in the beating death of Craig Ceson, 46.

Ceson's body was found in his apartment near Love Field. An autopsy showed he died from head injuries.

Investigators are still looking for the killer or killers of Lawrence Wheat, who served on the Dallas Plan Commission. Wheat was found dead in his Dallas loft in June, 2004.

The other unsolved murders are: James Stephen Watts, 64; Agustin Fernandez Jr., 44; Bobby Dalton Berry, 63; and Keith Alexander Calloway, 33.

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