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Bid To Name Vermont Peak Brokeback Mountain


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Bid To Name Vermont Peak Brokeback Mountain

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

March 24, 2006 - 11:00 am ET

(Burlington, Vermont) A Vermont group has started a move to have one of the state's mountain's renamed in honor of Brokeback Mountain.

"Our attempt to name one of our Mountains after Brokeback is not an attempt to become the Brokeback Mountain from the movie. It is not an attempt to suggest that our Mountain here in Vermont could even resemble or carry the memories that the movie created. Our goal is simply to dedicate our mountain as a eternal tribute to a movie that changed so many lives for the better," the group says on its We site brokebackmountainvermont.

The group says it is looking for an as yet unnamed mountain in the state.

The Vermont board of libraries is the state agency that names roads and geographic locations. A mountain can be named or renamed using a petition by not less than twenty-five interested persons or by petition of an administrative department of the state.

The group's Web site has set up an online petition for people to sign. So far the state isn't getting involved.

A spokesman for Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas-R, said his office will take no position, saying "We're completely neutral about the idea."

"If Vermont had it's own Brokeback Mountain, this would be the ultimate acknowledgment of gratitude, respect and admiration for the movie, it's author and actors as well as to the concept of love between two people, no matter what their sex," the group's site says.

"The movie, Brokeback Mountain, was able to bring this concept in front of the world like no other movie has ever been able to do. For that, we will be forever grateful."

The film, about two gay shepherds, took place in Wyoming, but was actually shot in Alberta. To date there has been no move to rename mountains in either of those regions.

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