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Denied regular space, church meets in bar


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Denied regular space, church meets in bar


Mar 27, 2006, 18:20

Members of a Dallas church traded in their Sunday finest for cowboy wear as they met during morning downtime at a country-and-western bar.

Reunion Church was bumped from its typical Sunday meeting place at the Dallas Convention Center by a weekend conference. So pastor Richard Ellis held the service at Gilley's Dallas, a bar known for country music and mechanical bull riding.

Organizers of the nondemoninational church planned a cowboy theme for the service yesterday. Several hundred people filled the chairs arranged on the club's dance floor.

During his sermon, Ellis climbed atop El Toro, the mechanical bull made famous by the movie "Urban Cowboy."

Ellis told the congregation that life can spin out of control like a ride on a real bull. But life's difficulties can be handled with faith, prayer and a relationship to God.

Church members said the location of their service was unimportant, even if it was a bar.

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