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Here's another story site to check out. The author is Dio and he has a couple of stories posted.

Grey-Eyed Justice

Rory never wanted to do anything other than tend his family's horses. All that changed when he was kidnapped from his homeland and shoved into the middle of the bloodiest conflict the Thiian Empire would see for generations. Lives hang in the balance as he and his unlikely companions help wage a futile war against an invasion bent on extermination. To succeed, Rory and company will have to push themselves above and beyond laws, expectations, inhibitions, and duties for the singleminded purpose of protecting those they hold dear.

Broken Pegasus Wings

Titus is a sixteen year old pilot prodigy who would rather be doing anything but piloting. His life gets flipped upside down with the arrival of some of the most notorious pirates in the known galaxy. Secrets Titus never knew about himself are about to be revealed...and a journey to end all journeys is about to begin.

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He was also hosted at Gay Authors. His stories there have been taken down at his request. From what I remember, some issues came up that stopped him from writing with the pen name. He is still around. He's written a story for GA's Premium section.

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