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Halloween Ice Cream Bats


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Ice Cream Bats


4 (3 1/2 inch) soft oatmeal cookies

4 large Scoops of chocolate ice, cream

Assorted candies for decoration, such as candy - candy corn, licorice whips, jellybeans, fruit rolls


For the wings, place cookies on a cutting board. Cut cookies into halves. Using a teaspoon, cut a slightly scalloped edge on the straight side of each cookie; set wings aside.

For the body of the bat, place a scoop of ice cream on each of four serving plates.

Using a knife make a cut about 1/2-inch deep on each side of the scoops of ice cream.

To assemble the ice cream bats, insert the end of cookie wing into cuts on sides of ice cream scoops. Place so they look like wings. Decorate ice cream with candies to create the bat's face. Use licorice pieces for the ears, jelly beans for the eyes, candy corn for the fangs, or use your own imagination. Serve immediately or freeze for up to two hours before serving.

Serves 4.

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