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Anti-Gay AFA Now Targets Sears


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Anti-Gay AFA Now Targets Sears

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

Posted: December 8, 2006 7:00 pm ET

(New York City) The American Family Association is urging its members to condemn Sears for running commercials on LGBT cable channel Logo.

In an email alert to AFA members chairman Donald E. Wildmon says "Sears advertising is financing LOGO's push to legalize homosexual marriage in addition to promoting the homosexual lifestyle."

Wildmon says Sears ads will appear on shows like "Sex 2K Drag Kings," "The Gayest and Greatest of 2006," and "Transgeneration."

The AFA cites the LGBT Commercial Closet which first detailed Sears ads on Logo.

He is urging members of the conservative Christian group to email Sears asking the retailer to cancel their advertising on LOGO and to "call your local Sears store and ask why Sears is supporting the homosexual network with its advertising."

The email also notes that Sears is owned by Kmart.

Logo discounted any effect the AFA campaign would have.

"Most fair-minded Americans support diversity and inclusion on television and throughout the media," Logo VP for communications Steven Fisher told 365Gay.com which is owned by the network.

Wildmon's email does not threaten a boycott of Sears but in the past similar AFA actions have led to boycotts of companies the group believes to be pro-gay.

Logo, part of MTV networks, is available to almost 25 million homes across the country. Sears is one of only 80 national advertisers which include American Express, Intel, Kodak, Lexus and Pepsi.

Last month the AFA called for a post Thanksgiving boycott of Wal-Mart over that company's support for the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and for the expanded its definition of "immediate family" to include an employee's same-sex partner.

The boycott was called off days before Thanksgiving with the AFA claiming victory.

The decision came after Wal-Mart issued a statement saying it would make changes in the way it contributed to such groups, earmarking funds only for specific causes it supported, such as workplace equality, rather than giving unrestricted gifts which the AFA claimed were going to support same-sex marriage. (story)

The the Human Rights Campaign said the change was minor and praised Wal-Mart for sticking with its commitments to diversity and equality despite the threats from the American Family Association.

The AFA already is involved in a boycott of Ford Motor Company over the automaker's support for LGBT causes. (story) The AFA said it has collected 500,000 Internet pledges to boycott Ford vehicles.

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