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Angry Mother Stabs Son Over Popcorn


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Angry Mother Stabs Son Over Popcorn

OREGON CITY, Ore. - Clackamas County Sheriff's Office personnel responded Friday to a domestic disturbance call made from a son who claimed his mother had stabbed him.

lepaUpon arrival, uniform personnel contacted the mother and her biological son who were both present and alone in their apartment. Police separated the mother and son for interviewing purposes. Immediately deputies say they recognized the son had suffered very substantial knife wound cuts on his hand and face.

Authorities say that that altercation began when Marko Rajic Leposava, 21, ate some popcorn that had been prepared by his mother. The mother, 49-year-old Lepa Rajic Leposova, reportedly intoxicated, became enraged at her son for eating the popcorn she had made for herself. Marko says she slapped the bowl out of his hand onto the floor and demanded he clean it up.

Marko refused to clean up the mess and went into his room. He says he could hear her go into the kitchen but assumed she was making another cocktail. Lepa Rajic Leposova allegedly armed herself with a knife from the kitchen and attacked her son in his bedroom. Authorities say Marko suffered a deep cut to his face, about 2 inches from his eye. While trying to defend himself, Marko received several cuts on his hands.

While being treated at Milwaukie Providence Hospital for his knife wounds, Marko expressed additional concern to the deputy sheriff present about the bath towel he wrapped his wounded hand in to prevent the excessive bleeding. The deputy says Marko appeared anxious as he described the potential consequences he may suffer from his mother for soiling this towel with his blood.

Suspect Lepa Rajic Leposava was charged with assault and is lodged in Clackamas County Jail. She is due in court Dec. 11.



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