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The Talon House

Chapter 19 & 20a


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Wow, Nick has done it again. I am really enjoying this book he is writing. Every chapter leaves you wanting to read another. This could turn so many directions that no one can really tell what will happen next.

I really enjoyed the meeting with Dennis and Peter. That was a very well done scene. So much said with out actually saying it. It made me really have much more respect for Denise. In my own life, I had to realize that you can't leave things undone.

The first part to the wedding is getting really interesting. It was so cool to see Gerald's Uncle's family go to dinner with them and to give so much needed love and acceptance to Gerald. It really warmed the heart.

That is the one thing that makes Nick such a good writer is that he is able to take you from being totally pissed off at a character and then turn around and create these other kinds of warm moments. He keeps it interesting and moves the story along so well.

Thank You Nick for the time and effort you put into these stories so that we can enjoy them!!! 29_3_3[1].gif

Your Friend Always,

David ( Boxerdude )

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