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The Talon House

Book 1, Part IV, Chapter 43

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Ah, you mean the white blocks, I assume. The text colour is also white which is why it does not show against the white background. To see it simply highlight the area within the box or alternatively change the font colour for the whole page. Easiest is to highlight the text, simply position your mouse pointer in the top left corner of the white area, click and hold down the button and drag the mouse to the bottom right corner whereupon the text will be highlighted and thus visible at which point you can release the button.

I think this may have been sections of text Jaime (or his editor) marked for deletion, either way it doesn't really matter. Hope that helps

I am sure you are finding the story fascinating and a excellent example of science fantasy. Sadly Jaime has had to contend with a lot of difficulty in his real life and, as I am sure you know, is currently in a long hiatus.

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Welcome to the world of The Scrolls, Lindsey. Feel free to discuss the stories with us.

Pietro is correct, if you highlight those sections, the text will appear. It would appear that some extra coding has appeared since the chapter was posted. The text is part of the story.

I'll also report this to Mike to be corrected.

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