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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs (Mon)


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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

OKAYAMA, Japan (Wireless Flash) -- A man in Okayama, Japan, is bringing new meaning to the term "ambulance chaser." According to the "Mainichi Daily News," Hiroshi Kataoka was so angry at paramedics for cutting him off on the road that he called an ambulance the next day claiming he had "liver trouble" and when the drivers arrived, engaged them in an argument. Police have arrested Kataoka for kicking one of the paramedics.

SALT LAKE CITY -- Freedom of religion doesn't mean you can disrobe in public. That's what a sheriff's deputy in Salt Lake City has learned. Darrell Magee has been placed on administrative leave for stripping down to his skivvies while on duty to perform a 30-second meditation ritual in the buff. Magee claims he was practicing a religious ritual but declined to name his faith.

MANCHESTER, England -- British war veterans are on the war path because a man arrested for performing a sex act on a World War I monument has evaded a jail sentence. A judge sentenced Harkan Amin to a night in jail but released him since he had already spent two weeks in custody before standing trial. Amin claims he was drunk during his erotic encounter with the statue.

NEW YORK -- A Canadian pharmacy is thumbing its nose at President George W. Bush's prescription drug policy by staging a publicity stunt during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention next week. Universaldrugstore.com says it will offer people an additional 25 percent off all medicines purchased during the half-hour or so that Bush babbles on at the convention. In addition, the company will donate free meals to seniors via Meals on Wheels for every order made during the speech.


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