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Aliens Will Be World-Savers, Not Jesus Christ


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Aliens Will Be World-Savers, Not Jesus Christ

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Wireless Flash) -- Many believe Jesus Christ will come to rescue the world from ultimate destruction, but one country singer thinks it will be aliens who will bring salvation to humankind.

Michael Brumfield, who regularly performs in Nashville under the name "M.D.," says since some countries have the ability to produce nuclear weapons, a nuclear holocaust is bound to happen very soon. But before this happens, extraterrestrials will arrive and "...save the earth from calamity."

Brumfield believes E.T.s are going to save the world rather than destroy it because they created humans in their own image to, "...mine gold needed to protect their atmosphere and to build spacecraft."

He adds that the gods and angels referred to in the Bible were actually aliens employing advanced technology to work "miracles" on Earth.

Brumfield outlines the connections between aliens and humans in his most recent book, "The Future: Alien Contact."


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