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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs (Wed)


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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

CHEVY CHASE, Md. (Wireless Flash) -- Intensive training as a pre-teen can cause gymnasts to be shorter than their genetically predisposed heights. According to the "Journal Of Clinical Endocrinology," gymnastics slows bone and skeletal development up to two years behind kids of similar ages.

LONDON -- Single guys who are looking for love at the beach should be careful about their choice of reading material. A survey by Britain's branch of Penguin publishers shows ladies are totally turned off by fantasy titles like "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings." Men on the prowl are better off packing classic titles by Emily Bronte if they want to attract the ladies, as reported in Britain's "Daily Star."

SANTIAGO -- A French artist in Santiago, Chile, has turned himself into a "human food court" for his latest work of art: He walks around carrying a huge tray of sandwiches. Patrick Jambon's performance doesn't sound too artistic, but he tells the Chilean newspaper "Las Ultimas Noticias," his point is "to present an ironic view of capitalism" by imitating a street vendor.

BEIJING -- The Chinese aren't wasting any time preparing for the 2008 Olympics. Organizers have released a handy Chinese-to-English and French translation guide for locals to greet tourists when they finally arrive. In "Basic Chinese 100 for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games" the colorful pictures and text details the experiences of visitor named "Mike" in China. According to the text, he praises Beijing saying, "The sky is bluer, the water is clearer and Beijing is becoming more and more beautiful."

WASHINGTON -- If you look at someone funny they may start a fight with you, but then again it may be because they're funny-looking. Researchers at Ohio State University found that men and women with asymmetrical ears, fingers or feet are more likely to react aggressively when annoyed or provoked. The asymmetries themselves don't cause folks to fly off the handle, but the two seem to go together when a mother smokes or drinks during their pregnancy. The experts say stress on the fetus could cause physical imperfections and poor impulse control.


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