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Tampon Man Kicks Cramps


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Tampon Man Kicks Cramps

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- This is a red letter day for a New York man known as "Vinnie the Tampon Case Distributor" who has a new book of cramp remedies.

Vinnie has spent several years peddling homemade tampon cases with his face on them, and now he's assembled the collective wisdom of women and put together cures to kick PMS in his new book "Vinnie's Cramp Kicking Remedies" (Chronicle Books).

One remedy is to stand in a doorway and press your arms against the doorjam until you exhaust yourself. Vinnie says a doctor told him it works because it tenses the stomach muscles and then relaxes them.

Another cure is eating lots of ice cream or spinach a few days before a period because the calcium reduces the painful effects.

You'd think a man who spends a lot of time focused on menstruation would take a ribbing from his friends, but he says guys are actually interested in a woman's flow because it's something they've been kept in the dark about for eons.


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