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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs (Fri)


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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

MT. KISCO, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) -- If you've got an itch you're dying to scratch, chances are, you live in Jacksonville, Florida, or Albany, New York. According to the Lanacane Itch Index, Jacksonville is the city where you're most likely to suffer from mosquito bites or poison ivy while Albany ranks No. 1 for wasp and bee sting risk.

BIHAR, India -- If women in Bihar, India, get their way, their husbands won't be able to drink booze without the written permission of their better halves. The Bihar Women's Commission has proposed a new law to curb drunkenness among their hubbies, which members say affects wives and children most. According to the "Mid-day" newspaper, the proposed law suggests jail terms of three years for men who violate it.

LLANGOLLEN, Wales -- A Welsh antiques shop owner has stumbled upon what he believes may be Britain's oldest condoms. The scraps of animal intestine are thankfully unused and are believed to date back to 1900. Owner Idris Evans says he plans to hold on to the condoms, which are "absolutely huge." He tells the "North Wales Post," "They will be great for exhibition purposes. They are certainly no good for contraception!"

BOSTON -- Two varsity football players at Taunton High School in Boston literally "pissed off" school officials when they urinated on the freshman squad's shoulder pads, jerseys and cleats. The pranksters also defecated on the locker room floor. Thanks to the toilet antics, the two were were booted from the varsity team, received a four-day suspension, and had to pay for new equipment and to clean the locker room floor.


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