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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs


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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

TOKYO (Wireless Flash) -- Schools in Japan have become one of the first institutions to begin tagging humans with microchips. Schools started this month testing the microchips with tiny antennae which students attach to their backpacks and signal school officials when a student steps on or off campus. School officials say 70 percent of parents approved it, and the students love it because they think it's cool.

OTTAWA -- A cruise ship in the Atlantic made a whale of a discovery earlier this week when it pulled into port in Canadian waters and found the remains of a 60-foot finback whale impaled on the bow. It was estimated that the whale corpse was stuck on the bow of the Royal Caribbean's "Jewel of the Seas" ship for at least two days. Ironically, the ship's route had been changed a year earlier to protect the rare right whale, but speared the common finback instead.

NEW YORK -- It's a sad day for hard liquor fans: Jack Daniels has lowered the proof of its famous Tennessee Whiskey from 86 to 80 proof, meaning the liquor has three percent less alcohol to meet consumer demand. It's not the first time the liquor company has lowered the strength of its popular hooch. Fifteen years ago, the company lowered the proof of its recipe from 90 to 86.


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