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Police Thwart Head-Butting Ram-Raid


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Police Thwart Head-Butting Ram-Raid

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Oct 1, 10:20 AM (ET)

DUBLIN (Reuters) - A randy ram-raider smashed into a car showroom after letting his animal instincts get the better of him, Irish police said Friday.

The intruder -- a stray ram belonging to a local farmer -- broke windows, soiled the garage and dented three doors of a new Mitsubishi Colt before he was apprehended by police officers.

"The notion is that he saw his own reflection in the glass and, as I understand it, this was the natural reaction of a ram, particularly at this time of year," said Inspector Greg Sullivan.

Sullivan and an employee at the garage in the town of Moville, County Donegal, said newspaper reports of 10,000 euros ($12,400) worth of damage were probably exaggerated.

Having traced the guilty party's owner, Sullivan stressed that police involvement in the case would now be "very limited." and that it would be up to the farmer and the garage to determine who should foot the bill.


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