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Virgin Mary Melted Cheese Sandwich Kit For Sale


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Virgin Mary Melted Cheese Sandwich Kit For Sale

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- An entrepreneur is trying to make a quick buck off a cheesy do-it-yourself kit that makes grilled cheese sandwiches with the image of the Virgin Mary on them.

Christopher Curry posted the Blessed Grilled Cheese Virgin Mary Creation Kit on eBay yesterday (Nov. 17) for an opening bid of $3,500 in response to a 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich that has been drawing attention on the auction site.

The kit comes with a statue of the Virgin, a toaster, two bottles of holy water and instructions for toasting Mary's image on the "sacri-licious" sandwich.

Curry also claims the kit has been blessed by a priest and says the buyer can make sandwiches to eat or sell or have a Virgin Mary party.

But Curry has his own cross to bear. A few hours after launching the auction, eBay deleted it claiming he was selling food. Curry says he's now petitioning eBay to re-post it as soon as possible.


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