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Good Driver


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A man walks into a bar. He walk's up to the barman while spitting every few seconds, after everytime he spat he said "good driver!". He asks the barman for a pint while still spitting and saying "good driver", the barman gives the man his drink and asks if he does not mind him asking, what is with all the spitting and why does he keep saying good driver?

"You're going to have to stop, your putting the other customers off there drinks." The man appoligises, i'll tell you what happened.

I drive a mini and there's a space in your car park and I was going to try to park in, when along comes this big flash corvette, ( the man spits again and says "good driver" ) well I thought no way are you going to get in there "spit, good driver", the driver of the corvette says you want to bet, so I said yeah sure why not!!!

If you get that car parked in there i'll give you a blowjob!

(spit, "good driver")

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