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what would happen if your dog's name was Mypenis?


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Did you ever stop to wonder what would happen if your dog's name was Mypenis?

- Mypenis ate my homework.

- Oh, no! Mypenis is frothing at the mouth!

- Sorry I'm late. I was playing with Mypenis.

- I'm Sorry, Officer. I didn't realize I had to keep Mypenis on a leash.

- Mypenis doesn't come when I call it.

- Mypenis likes to crawl between the legs of guests.

- I love giving Mypenis a bath.

- At night, I sleep with Mypenis in my hands.

- Mypenis likes it when people pet him.

- Mypenis needs to get more exercise. He weighs over fifty pounds.

- Playing with Mypenis really wears me out.

- Would you like to see a picture of Mypenis?

- Sometimes I wake up, and Mypenis is already active.

- I think Mypenis has a mind of its own.

- I keep a picture of Mypenis in my wallet.

- Whenever I get lost, Mypenis points me in the right direction.

- I think Mypenis is getting old because he won't get excited anymore. He just plays dead.

- Mypenis got out last night. I think he's sleeping with the lady next door.

- If Mypenis was a weiner dog, he would be long and hairy and hard to carry.

- Mypenis loves to chase pussies in dark alleys.

- Help! I can't find Mypenis!

- Sorry to be driving so slow, officer, but I was looking forMypenis.

- Mypenis gets excited whenever the mailman comes.

- Sorry to be driving so fast, officer - I have to take Mypenis to the hospital.

- Oh. no! Something bit Mypenis!

- Watch it or you'll step on Mypenis.

- When Mypenis behaves well, he gets a bone.

- Stop kicking Mypenis.

- When riding in the car, Mypenis enjoys sticking his head out to be blown.

- Mypenis is truly man's best friend.

- Beware of Mypenis. He's carrying a disease.

- People say Mypenis looks cute lying down, but even better when standing at attention.

- Mypenis: the crotch-sniffer.

- There's nothing like a well-trained b**** for Mypenis.

- I've trained Mypenis to jump through hoops.

- Mypenis always searches for an open hand under the dinner table.

- Excuse me - I need a muzzle for Mypenis.

- Sorry I'm late, but Mypenis kept me up howling all night...

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I put this joke in another forum, and the member there add his to it

not bad

Things to tell your friends about mypenis.

-It's ok you can beat mypenis I do.

-Rub mypenis there he likes it.

(on the phone)- Yes! It's mypenis he came home.

-Don't feed mypenis that.

-Mypenis dosn't like strangers.

-Mypenis dosen't like you.

-leave mypenis alone, he bites.

-Hit mypenis with a newspaper before he has an accident on the carpet.

(on the phone)- Mypenis had an accident on the carpet I have to go clean it up.

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