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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs (wed)


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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (Wireless Flash) -- An online gaming casino has purchased the infamous grilled cheese sandwich that allegedly bears the image of the Virgin Mary on its toasted surface. Goldenpalace.com paid $28,000 for the 10-year-old sandwich which was auctioned off on eBay. A casino spokesman says the sandwich has become a part of pop culture, and they hope to use it to raise money for charity. The original owner claims it helped her win $70,000 at a casino near her Florida home.

NEW YORK -- The person who sits next to you on the plane this holiday season may want to rub elbows with you -- literally. According to a new survey conducted by The Chase United Mileage Plus Visa Card, 24 percent of Americans who get on a plane over the holiday season are hoping the person sitting next to them will be a future date or spouse.

ROME -- An Italian judge has found a man guilty of harassment for sending unsolicited compliments to a love interest via text message. According to the Italian news agency Ansa, the judge, from the town of Padua, fined the ringtone Romeo $391 after he wrote a text message to a clerk while on lunch break that said: "Since you appeared before my eyes I can't do anything but think of you." The offended woman then took the message to the police.


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