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  1. I am sure you are no more or less frustrated than any of us who followed the Scrolls. You suggested a while back: "Perhaps it's time to send out search parties. Try and get hold of AJ or something." Have there been any attempts through AD as the site most likely to have some form of contact? I understand your position that it is not yours to give out, certainly a general posting would be very wrong, however I think there are only a few of us that are registered on the protected Scrolls 2 forum, perhaps a limited release to us wouldn't strain your conscience too much but it is entirely at your
  2. TalonRider Posted 08 October 2013 - 12:55 PM "As for Chapter 45, after checking, I see that Ricky and I had it on or around October 30, 2011. Almost 2 years now. I've been waiting that long to be able to discuss that chapter with others." So T, it's November now, 2 years+. Anything you would like to share with us? (nudge, nudge, hint, hint ) P
  3. It has been two years and three months since a main chapter was posted. Gold and Ch. 45 were reportedly in beta at the end of 2011 if my memory serves me correctly. However Jamie has apparently not been heard from or even contactable since. It is starting to look very much as if the Scrolls will not continue. Very sad. P
  4. Very good news indeed R! I hope you mean 2013 and not the next twelve months Going by history I translate this to mean be ready for a Christmas present. An additional surprise, eh? Now you've got me all antsy! P
  5. Not quite ten years Ricky, I believe the first post was Oct 2004, so we are just now at the ninth aniversary. I seem to recall that there was an extended hiatus of about a year at one time, probably due to Jamie's final year as I think he was an undergrad when he started posting. T did mention a while ago that this present hiatus stemmed from real life difficulties. We can but hope. I must agree with you that the story has immense depth and breadth and it would be a true tradgedy if it has indeed died. P
  6. Two years and three months since a main chapter was posted. Have the Scrolls died? Did you not mention that you had a beta of ch.45 that answered a lot of questions, T? Would you consider letting us loyal fans having a peek? We wouldn't want you to feel that doing so would betray Jamie's trust in you, of course, but after two years of silence? P
  7. Doesn't tell us much it would seem, except that Hippolito is definitely a mongrel, but we knew that anyway. P
  8. Quite so. As a point of interest and I am sure you would know Tal, do we know what house teal tips represents? Do I recollect correctly that it was said somewhere that Icarians of specific houses are naturally attracted to certain other houses, like Royal Thrones and Imperial High Sepharims? P
  9. Hey Sam, I haven't re-read The Scrolls for a long time so I cannot point you to any particular reference, however I am confident that there are indeed two Jonas characters, one human, one Icarian. I don't know about you, but most of us who comment here have followed the story as it was posted (originally bi-monthly) chapter by chapter and although the mentions of Jonas the Icarian are few and not especially relevant to the story at that time, possibly only once by name, it certainly stuck out as a serious discrepancy and was most confusing. I am not likely to re-read the story again until/un
  10. There has been much speculation in many threads regarding Jonas and Jonas. There are, as Dio correctly points out, two characters of that name, a human and an Icarian, he may not be named in the chapter you reference, but he does exist. We have almost no information about the Icarian other than he was highly placed in the Resistance, or at least one of them. Whether it was deliberate or an accident that Jamie.wri used the same name there is no doubt that that the two characters exist and that it is definitely a source of confusion. Sadly we may never know since Jamie.wri appears to have vanis
  11. Nothing new, I am afraid. I know that our host here, TR, is or was in occasional contact with Jamie, being an editor/beta or whatever as well as an intercontinental friend so it is likely here will be one of the first places any news surfaces. From what we were told real life difficulties stemming from the EU economic problems caused Jamie to stop writing. Well, despite what the MSM may or may not say, those EU difficulties are getting worse, not better, and outside of Germany there has been a near continuous deterioration since 2008/2009. So we will just have to keep our metphorical fingers
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Ah, you mean the white blocks, I assume. The text colour is also white which is why it does not show against the white background. To see it simply highlight the area within the box or alternatively change the font colour for the whole page. Easiest is to highlight the text, simply position your mouse pointer in the top left corner of the white area, click and hold down the button and drag the mouse to the bottom right corner whereupon the text will be highlighted and thus visible at which point you can release the button. I think this may have been sections of text Jaime (or his editor) mark
  14. And January Kyle has always said he has to be 'in the mood' to write Kandric, not surprising given how violently fantastical it is. Presumably he has not found the mood and now that he has a new playground to boot, Revolutions, we may not see anything for quite a while. I have not read any of the Revolution stories as yet, if nothing else the Clan Short and Destiny universes has shown that collaborative, interlaced writing of this kind is generally excruciatingly slow and bits tend to fall off, so I will wait a while to see if it prospers or not. Of course, for authors, such collaborations
  15. A sad start to the year. Christmas, New Year and Epiphany have all passed and no Kandric
  16. Thanks and the same to you and to all your visitors. P
  17. Well, it's getting near Christmas so fingers crossed
  18. Another update has appeared, looks to about monthly. It is a very good AU story.
  19. A new chapter has been posted on Nifty should anyone be interested. The DaBeagle posts seem to have been abandoned as they stop at ch.24 and the latest Nifty post is ch.29.
  20. I recently came across an HP AU Fanfic, Prince of the Dark Kingdom. It is a huge story, over a million words and is, I think, complete (haven't finished it yet). I mention it here because it is very good with particularly good renditions of some of J K Rowlings nastier characters, Snape and Voldemort in particular. In my opinion these two characters, who are central to the story, are much fuller and far more well rounded characters than Rowling herself penned http://www.fanfictio...he-Dark-Kingdom PS It is not complete after all, but the dates seem to indicate it is still in progress. PPS
  21. Kyle Aarons The Kandric Saga. Kyle started a tradition (perhaps accidentally or unintentionally) a few years back whereby he tried to post a new chapter around Christmas or the New Year every year.
  22. Well, good news in a way. Perhaps he is doing a 'Kyle' and waiting to make it a Christmas or New Year present.
  23. Ah well, good to know that Jamie is still keen on continuing the Scrolls. We shall just have to wait patiently
  24. No, this was a short story set, I believe, in Junsac. The Chronicles of Kadin is a good story but it isn't true to the Kandric world, more an alternate or time transposed version as I see it. It started perhaps too close to Kandric but it was quickly evident that it wasn't set in that world. Another story unlikely to see completion I'm afraid.
  25. I take it since 2 years have now gone by we are not likely ever to see it, pity. I seem to remember there was a short story set in the Kandric world at one time - I can't recall the name - it wasn't by Kyle and was never continued although I think there was intention to do so - but it was quite good. I see this thread has had over 4,000 views, getting on for 7,000 if you take the sister thread thread into account as well (or should I have said brother thread?). Just shows how much interest there is in it, I suppose, far more than the comments would suggest.
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