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A Smart Drunk


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A Smart Drunk

Xposed, December 2004

By AP Staff


A man is accused of using an air compressor to defeat an ignition interlock device.

Michael Simo, 41, had the device installed in his car after being convicted of multiple drunken driving offenses. Drivers are supposed to exhale into the device, and if it detects enough alcohol on the breath, the car won't start. Police said Simo used an air compressor to make it seem like he was breathing into the device.

Brian Raab, 39, of Buckingham, who also has a history of DUI offenses, was driving Simo's car when an officer found the two at a parking lot near Raab's home.

"I've never heard of somebody doing something like that before," Sgt. J.R. Landis of Buckingham police said. "These types of (devices) can be defeated. It's just a question of how far people are willing to go."

Raab declined to comment; Simo does not have a listed phone number.


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