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The Talon House

In The Hot Seat


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a Preacher was trying to find away to raise money for his church

he got a idea, he decided to put electic wires in the cushion of the pews

Sunday morning arrived and he gave his sermon

I hate to have to say this, but our loving little church is in trouble!. it need

money to survive, anyone willing to donate $50.00 please stand up

the preacher push the first buttons and everyone on the first row jump up, looking

behind them

pleases with the result , he ask. if anyone willing to donate $100.00 to fund the house of the lord. please

stand up. again he push the second button, the second row of people jump up, like the first row they look behind them

now he was really impress! anyone that is willing to give $1.000 dollars to the church

please stand up and praise the lord. he push the third button and electrocuted the

whole congregation!

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