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The Talon House

It's Talon House Birthday!!


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Happy Birthday to The Talon House 4_1_112[1].gif

Really proud to see how fast the forum grew in just a year time, when you don't have a site such as gay story, or others it hard. but this is a special place and it grew because of the love in it

I would like to thanks those that joined the house. myself, and hope to see all of you post more often, it more fun to see what others post and say

Thanks Jan for a good place to come to, glad to be a part of it


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Thanks Pat, I couldn't have done it with your help and some behind the scene help from others which include all of my Moderators. And to one special person for his help and suggestions. Thanks Dewey. hug[1].gif

I'd also like to thank the Authors who have graciously posted some of their excellent stories here. 23_30_109[1].gif

I'd also like to say Thank You to all who have visited The Talon House in the past year and hope that you continue to visit.

I didn't expect The Talon House to do as well as it has. 36_2_25[1].gif


aka TalonRider

aka Admin

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